8 Tips for Caring Natural Curly Hair | Expert Advice on Curly Hair

8 Tips for Caring Natural Curly Hair |  Expert Advice on Curly Hair

Have you ever felt tired with your curly hair? Naturally, curly hair is a big problem for a lot of women because it is too dry, curly, and tangled.

They are terrible feelings that only those who have the curly hair can understand. Luckily, it is easy to change your curls every day thanks to some simple steps. Check the magic ways below.

1. Finding yourself a reliable hairstylist

Ask friends, relatives or anyone that you admire about hair styling ability. You can talk to those who have naturally curly hair like you to receive the most suitable advice.

When you go to a hair salon, find a hair stylist who helps you have your hair as well as hair style that suits you best.

2. Do not wash the hair every day

It is not necessary to wash the hair every day. Washing the hair too much can make your hair lose the natural oils, which makes the hair drier and drier. Try imagining with dry, curly and tangled hair, what do you look like?

Choosing the right shampoo is very important. Ask the hair expert to help you give the advice for the shampoo that you should use.

3. Wash the hair with cold water

Cold water makes the hair shiny, moisture and reduces curls.

4. Do not use too much hair styling products

Do not use too much hair styling products

Use a styling gel (do not combine other types), put a little in the palm and rub your hands and massage on the hair. The amount of gel you use will depend on your hair’s length.

5. Use the product to straighten the hair when your hair is still damp

This will keep moisture for the hair and help you have damp curls. After using a blowing hair dryer or other drying methods, your hair is dry, it looks like you use gel for the hair.

6. Buy hair care products for naturally curly hair

Buy hair care products for naturally curly hair

Buy a set of conditioners that consist of conditioners for caring when washing the hair, a conditioner to moisturize the hair, and a conditioner to protect the hair when you go out.

You can buy 3 above products from a brand or 3 other brands. You also buy any cream, gel, serum, or mousse for the hair, but remember that they need to not have SULFATE, and SILICONE.

Bonus: Tips for Hair Care From Natural Products

7. Choose combs for naturally curly hair

Choose combs for naturally curly hair

Combs also are things that make your hair tangled. The naturally curly hair after being washed usually has beautiful curls.

Only after you dry and comb the hair by a normal comb, the hair becomes ruffled in all directions. Therefore, you need to buy a wide toothed comb for your hair.

8. Use masks for the hair once 2 weeks

A useful piece of advice for naturally curly hair is that you should apply masks for your hair to protect the hair from bad factors of weather and environment.

You can buy these hair masks with high quality that are available on the market or make them by yourself at home.

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