How to Avoid Hair Damage From Blow Dryers and Flat Iron Hair

How to Avoid Hair Damage From Blow Dryers and Flat Iron Hair

Basing on the texture or the thickness of your hair, the temperature of your heat styling tools like blow dryers or flat iron hair should be adjusted.

Adjust your Temperature

A higher heat setting is better for very thick or curly hair so that you can achieve the look you want.

On the other hand, a lower heat setting is more suitable for those who have thin or fine hair that a higher heat setting can burn. Generally, it is best if you always start with a lower heat setting and adjust the temperature scale if you need it by being well with the natural texture of hair.

Protect Before You Style

Protecting your tresses before applying heat is a very important step.

Nowadays, a lot of hair care products used with heat styling tools are sold out. It is ideal for you to look for products containing silicone.

Experts said that silicone can protect your hair as a protective coating for your hair.

However, you need to be sure that formulated products are used to apply before heat styling instead of standard products.

Actually, standard products can add extra damage to your hair due to combining too many types of styling products along with your hair.

Know Your Status

It is important to know what level of heat your hair can tolerate.

It is proved that people who have such hair types as thicker, coarser, wavy or loosely curly strands or relatively straight can suffer heat styling better than others.

Do not think that the heat tolerance of you and your sister are the same.

She can fire up her straightener every day, does not mean you are cleared too.

Your hair’s heat tolerance could be reduced if it is applied too much chemical.

Use Hot Tools Wisely

The 4000C is the temperature that almost all the hot tools like blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons can reach upwards.

At this temperature, your hair’s cuticle (the protective shaft)  can be lifted or broken so that each strand of hair is flat and smooth, get moisture escaping.

Keep it Moving

It can be seen that the heat can straighten your hair better but dry it faster once heat styling tools concentrate on sections.

Apparently, it is a quick way to take your hair to high, mid and low-shaft split ends status.

Therefore, keep the heat styling tool moving!  A few seconds are too much for a heat appliance.



Make a Clean Sweep

Remember that you should always start with clean, conditioned hair that will give you a fresher and longer lasting style. Be sure that your dirty or laden with product buildup heat tools must be cleaned before running them through your hair.

Let Your Fingers Do the Last

After your freshly untangled hair is dried in section, your hair should be carefully stretched, separated and loosen with your fingers or a wide toothed comb so that any tangles are removed while drying.

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