Essential Rules and Tips While Using the Hair Dryer

Essential Rules and Tips While Using the Hair Dryer

The Simple Rules You Need to Know Before Using a Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is one of the indispensable tools that help us keep and make our hair beautiful and style rapidly. However, not all of us know how to use a hair dryer in the right way. Let explore information and necessary notes when in using the hair dryer.

1. Do not dry right after washing the hair

The first thing you need to notice is that you should not use the hair dryer right after washing your hair. You should use a cotton towel to absorb water on the hair before drying. This method will help your hair stay away from split ends.

2. Use conditioner oil before drying

Secondly, before drying your hair, you should use a conditioner. By using conditioner, the hair will be protected from the heat of the dryer.

3. The heat level when drying

The next rule you have to remember is the heat level of the hair dryer. 57 Celsius degrees is suitable and safe for drying your hair. If you choose the higher heat levels, your hair will be easily damaged. The Rusk Lightweight Ceramic might be the best hair dryer thanks to the super multi-optional of heat control.

4. The wind direction of the hair dryer

You should pay attention to the wind direction, you should dry from the hairline then to other parts. This will help protect your hair better and limit the bad impacts on the head skin and give you the shinier and stronger hair.

5. The distance between the dryer and the hair

The last but not least note you should keep in mind is that the best fit distance between the dryer and the hair is about 15-20 cm, do not let the hair dryer contact directly with the hair. Put the dryer at an angle of 30 degrees to avoid hair damage.

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4 Tricks to Help You Save Time When Drying Your Hairdrying-hair-tips

Drying hair after washing is always a punishment for the girls who are born with thick hair, especially for those who have long hair during cold season like winter. However, there are some ways that can help you save time and still have the most extremely effective on your hair.

1. Choose the right comb

Perhaps you never notice about the stuff but the truth is that your comb can make you spend more time to dry hair. Choose the wrong comb to do this is a common mistake that most people make. When drying thick and long hair, you should try to find a type of comb that has a lot of bristles as many as you can because it could make less harm to your hair. Just as the wide-tooth comb will help you get away from hair loss problem.

The problem here is that when you choose the wrong comb, it may harm your hair.” – a famous hair stylist said.

2. Use hair spray to protect hair as well as save time

The hair spray not only protects the hair from the heat of dryer but it also contains smooth ingredients that make the hair dry quickly. Therefore, using hair spray helps reduce the time for drying significantly. So, even if you are lazy, you should spray the hair protection liquid before drying.

3. Attach the flat part into the dryer section

When buying dryer, you can see the flat part is sold with the machine without knowing the use of it. The flat part helps the heat focus on the hair, which dries the hair faster as well as minimizes the ruffled hair situation after drying.

4. Focus on drying the hairline

The common mistake is focusing the heat on the body and ends of the hair – this is the main reason why you feel the drying time is endless. The right method to dry your hair in the fastest way is to focus on the hairline. Then you just need to dry the almost dry remain parts quickly.

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