How to Blow Dry Hair in 6 Easy Steps – Guide for Beginners

How to Blow Dry Hair in 6 Easy Steps – Guide for Beginners

We are living in a world where our image highly dictates who we are and what we will get in the long run. A bad appearance may lead to you failing to get that job or contract.

The human hair is one of those factors that determine one’s image. In one way or another, you may need to blow dry it.

Following the guides on the best hair dryer for fine hair, you can select one for your home hair drying. It is quite unfortunate that hairdressers as well as those who have been doing blow drying for long all attest to the fact that constant blow drying or poor blow drying damages the hair.

How then do I blow dry my hair?


#1 Wash your hair

This can be done by the use of your regular shampoo though the use of a moisturizing shampoo has proven to come with more appealing blow drying effects together with better protection. The blow dryer has its own effects on the hair and that’s why you need a moisturizer to add extra moisture. The extra moisture protects the hair from the heat that is caused by either curling or straightening.

#2 Slightly towel off your hair, just to the point of stopping the dripping

This should not be confused with rubbing the towel over the hair since the friction will cause frizzy dryness, split ends and end up doing lots of damages to your hair. Just wrap the towel gently around your hair and squeeze or be extremely gently while rubbing on circular motions. Don’t think that your hair ought to be extremely dry for it to be blow dried.

#3 The next step is to separate one’s hair into a number of sections

The sections need to be as small as possible since the smaller they are the shorter the period taken to blow dry the hair. Around six sections are therefore the best. If you have long and thicker hair, use clips to ensure that the sections aren’t entangled against each other.

#4 Start the blow drying

The blow drying should start with the top ends, about six inches from the scalp being blow dried first as you go down. You should never blow dry your hair in an upward motion since this will scalp hair thus preventing the rest of the hair from being soaked in moisture. This causes much damage to one’s hair. Blow dry your way down as you keep on moving the hair dryer around so that nothing burns. Focus on one spot for extended periods dries out the hair thus burning it instead of just drying it up gently.

#5 Leave the hair slightly damp

This is simple, do not dry out your hair till it’s completely dry since if no moisture is left, the hair becomes frizzy and/or damaged. Within 10 minutes, it will have dried out.

#6 A blast of cold air for finishing

Tangle through your hair with your fingers or brush through it gently applying an anti-frizz serum or a moisturizer if necessary. The use of olive oil is also a good idea especially for those who need a natural option. This works to keep one’s locks smooth, shiny and dry throughout the day.

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