How to: Blow Drying Tips for Long Hair

How to: Blow Drying Tips for Long Hair

There is a slight difference between how long hair is blow dried from how short hair is done. Without having these techniques at your fingertips, you may end up doing your long hair the wrong way.

Below are some important tips to be followed when blow-drying your long hair using hair blowing dryer.

Tips 1

The first thing you need to do if you intend to give your long hair the fullness it deserves is to dry up your hair upside down lifting up the roots as you dry the hair by the use of your fingers.

When the hair is extremely wet, don’t do the mistake of putting a brush through them since this does not only damage your hair but is also a waste of time.

Tips 2

Secondly, you need to follow your hair as you blow dry it. This implies that the hair should not be over blow dried on the underside as this will lead to the fuzzy frizzy outcomes.

Blow Drying Tips for Long Hair

Your hair will go straight down and this is the path you should follow with the hair dryer’s air following that. Pull on your hair with the use of your hand, smoothing it with a finger before using a brush. The more the hair is dried using the fingers, the easier it will be for the brush to go through it.

Tips 3

For long hair, you then need to use a round brush to smoothen the hair. The size of the brush you choose will depend on if you prefer straight hair or you want movement. The smaller sized brush gives more waves while lifting up the roots quite more.

Tips 4

Make as many sections of your hair as possible. You can make around six sections.

The smaller the sections, the lesser time will be taken to blow dry the hair. Take your brush and start working from the roots going down.

The dryer’s air should be facing down thus reducing the risks of bringing the small frizz ups. This is the most important stage since once you have done the roots, it 90% certain that all the hair will be done.

The same tension is kept as you roll the brush thus making a nice and smooth hair.

Take a second section and pick up the hair as you put air on them thus giving it a little fullness and fit. By the use of the cold air, cool down the hot dryer and continue picking up the hair and putting more air to give your hair that Midas touch you desire it to have.

You can now take the font part, bring the hair down towards your face and start giving some slight movements. Remember that the part around your face is the most visible thus the most important part of your entire hair.

In most cases, the hair around this region does get a little fuzzy or frizzy.

For obvious reasons, you therefore need to work here for longer than in all the other areas. Use your brush hear for longer as well as your hair dryer and you will have the best blow drying results for long hair.

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