How to Have a Beautiful Hair During 4 Seasons?

How to Have a Beautiful Hair During 4 Seasons?

Similar to skin, the hair also has its own schedule of taking care of each season. One year has 4 seasons with 4 types of weather, which affects the way of eating, wearing, relaxing…  The way hair care is not an exception. The way you care for your hair in summer will be different from the one in winter.

Here are some suggestions from hair experts to help you have beautiful hair in all four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.


Spring is the season of proliferation that brings fresh breath for everything. Spring’s air is not too humid to make the hair greasy, and also not too dry to make static electricity in the hair. In this season, you should not use too many hair tools and appliances with high temperatures to style hair.


Summer is the season for traveling to a lot of attractive destinations, which makes us forget the discomfort of air humidity, sea salt and the extremely high intensity of UV rays that affect directly the hair.

So how should you do to protect your hair?

The first thing you should remember is that do not use hair care cosmetics in winter for summer, because they contain too many nutrients for hot summer days. Instead you should try using dry shampoo that can make the hair look drier and smoother immediately.

If you love sunlight, your hair can be devastated by summer sunshine. Remember to avoid using hair styling tools with high temperatures such as high temperatures from hair dryers in this season because the hair also has to suffer from the heat of the sun too much.

In addition, you should go to the hair salon to trim the hair for three to five weeks one time to not make the hair dry and spilled ends.

For dyed hair, using shampoo and conditioner to protect hair color is very necessary. When going to the beach or pool, you should damp the hair with water and use hair protection products. These products will protect your hair from salt as well as chlorine in the beach and pool.


There are some advice from experts that you should exfoliate your scalp instead of concentrating too much on hair recovery. In order to have healthy hair, you need to have a healthy scalp.

However, you should not do scalp treatment immediately after dying hair since it could damage your hair color.


The weather that is dry and cold is the number one enemy of the hair. In this season, the hair easily becomes dry, brittle, split ends and broken.

So how should you do to protect your hair?

Experts advise that you should reduce the number of washing the hair and try to steam it once per week. In addition, you should wash the hair with warm and cold water in winter, which helps heal the hair epidermis and prevent static electricity in your hair.

It is advised that you should turn on a humidifier to moisturize the hair when sleeping.

Refer to for more instructions on how to take care of your hair with natural products.

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