How to Take Care of Dyed Hair Properly

How to Take Care of Dyed Hair Properly

To have beautiful and trendy hair, it needs to have a subtle and suitable choice among hair color, skin, face, and lifestyle. In addition, the quality of dyes and dying techniques play an important role.

Have you ever chosen a dyed hair color that you were extremely satisfied with, but after a time, your hair was faded and rough.

Here are some tips to help you keep the hair color better.

1. Do not Wash the Hair

However, if your skin is allergic, you have to wash the hair immediately to overcome this situation.

After dying hair, do not wash your hair for about 2 days to keep the new color clinging to the deeper hair cells, which helps the color be more lasting.

2. Using Shampoo and Hair LotionUsing Shampoo and Hair Lotion

You should choose the shampoo for dyed hair because the normal shampoos often do not keep the hair color and make the hair become rough and less smooth.

You should wash your hair under the shower with cold water because warm water easily makes the hair faded quickly, and cannot keep the gloss of hair, while cold water will keep the dyed hair color longer.

3. Limiting Using Hair Blowing Dryer

Because when drying the hair often and using at high temperature, the heat will make the hair be oxidized.

You should dry your hair at low temperatures and try to not dry your hair until it is dry completely. If possible, let your hair dry naturally is better. If you need to know how to use the hair dryer in the best way, see more here.

4. Wear a Hat

When going out, remember to wear a hat because sunlight also could make your hair be oxidized.

5. Using Hair Masks

Dyes only helps change the hair color, it doesn’t make your hair glossy and smooth as you still think. The most obvious change after dying hair is that your hair will become dry and spilled ends. Using hair masks twice per week will help improve partly this situation above.

About 6-8 weeks, you should retouch for hair roots with the color that you have been dyed before.

About once per month, you should add 2 tablespoons of dyes into shampoo to re-balance the hair’s condition after dyeing. You just need to wait 3-5 minutes, and wash the hair with warm water.

6. Using Some Hair Moisturizers

Using some hair moisturizers before going out. This way helps your hair is covered by a layer of nutrients that makes the hair glossy and soft. Additionally, the layer also protects your hair from UV rays and recreates the damaged hair.

Experts advise that you should choose the shampoo that can moisturize the hair to avoid the hair being hydrated. The shampoo having the phrase”

Color ProtectiveColor Protective

On the label with gentle ingredients will remove dust on the hair, make hair color not be faded, and protect the hair best.

Dyed hair is affected by chemistry; therefore, when using hair care products, you should be gentle and careful with a suitable time to achieve the best result.

When washing and caring for the hair, you should not go out immediately because this is harmful to the hair as well as the hair color.

Remember to choose the products that do not contain ammonia, peroxide and alcohol because they make the hair epidermis open and change the structure of the hair color that you have been dyed.

As far as we have known, natural products are always the best choice for your hair. Find out more here.

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