6 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Fall

6 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Fall

As far as you know, hair loss in fall is a significant problem that many women concern. They worry about this problem day by day and there is no answer to solve.

Therefore, today I want to tell you the secret why my hair always black, healthy and smooth. It depends on 6 ways to prevent hair loss in fall below:

01  Use coconut oil

Coconut oil contains a large number of nutrients needed to bring up your hair.

You can use coconut oil to massage gently over your head and then wait to oil penetrate the hair shaft.

Coconut oil is very easy to find in the market, with some hair or cosmetic store. The price is not expensive and suitable for all of you.

02  Use lemon tea

Have you ever heard that lemon tea has big utility in the way to prevent hair loss in fall?

Yes, it true. In reality, it is one of the ways which I use to have smooth hair.

You just need mash 2 of lemon tea bags in a glass of hot water. Let the tea cool, you can apply this tea on your hair. Then wait in 1 hour and wash your hair. To have a good result you should do this from 7 days to 10 days.

03  Eat Benefit Fruits and Vegetables

Cereal, oats, green leafy vegetables, beans, bean sprouts, carrots, fruit, dried fruit and nuts, beef, chicken and eggs, products from butter, milk, seafood, onions, turmeric, coriander, cumin, raw honey, aloe are all the foods help you prevent hair loss in fall.

Let establish a daily menu for yourself with a list of foods above, they are easy to find and close to us.

04  Drink plenty of water

Not only provides moisture skin but also useful in preventing hair loss. Do you know about this? Just drink about 1,5 to 2 milliliters water each day, I sure that you will have a healthy and smooth hair.

05  Use rice water

Rice water is extremely familiar water to us every day. Therefore, no one can think that rice water is also of great use in preventing hair loss.

Use rice water

For more effective, I often combine rice water and fresh sesame seeds boiling together and then use it to shampoo. You will see results immediately after 10 days of application.

06  Do not comb wet hair

The weakest form of all the condition of the hair is wet hair. Therefore, you should not comb the hair when it wet.

Because when you brush the hair, the comb will break your hair with tangled hair.

This is the reason why your hair loss more than normal. You should wait for your hair dry about 70 – 80 percent then comb it.

Try to change your habit to get healthy and smooth hair like me.

All of the things above are the ways, which I usually use to prevent hair loss in fall. Hope it useful for everybody.

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Good luck to you!

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