Review: BaByliss Hair Dryer PRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000

Review: BaByliss Hair Dryer PRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000

Babyliss has always managed to keep up with the changing technology. Starting from ceramic products to now bringing in the Tourmaline technology, surely its products are amongst the top most of the range.

This hair dryer is the latest in the offering and is considered as one of the finest hair styling tools for fine hair. Experts have considered this as one of the fastest drying hair tools currently available in the market.

This power package has very easy to use heat settings so that the air pressure is manageable and you do not have to go with the hottest setting always.

It offers the far infrared heat, and is extremely light in weight. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this power package of a dryer is easy to use and easy to move around with.

Excellent Heat settings

Babyliss Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 DryerThis PRO hair dryer comes with not one or two but six heat settings. Along with the heat button, you also have the cold shot button that can help you use any setting as per your requirement.

You should also note that the air pressure is evenly distributed unlike other hair dryers; also, you will get rid of unnecessary dust from the hair that often is stuck on coils.


When you own a hair dryer, you always look for convenience and this hair dryer from Babyliss offers just that. It comes with an easy to use mechanism, where the operational aspect is no rocket science. Secondly, it includes an extra-long chord of 9 foot, which helps you to easily move around with the dryer and also use it work on someone else’s hair and not just your own.

Appealing Design

Though most of the hair dryers have a similar constructional set up, yet, consumers like to settle for something that pleases their eyes. The overall design of this product is very good and the choice of color becomes a significant factor in letting you buy this product. After all, what catches your eye first becomes the reason for your interest in the other aspects of the product.

Minor Issues

Though this product has been rated and reviewed well, some people have some minor concerns with it. For some, they do not like the velvety touch on the handle, which works for some and does not for others. In addition to this, some people found that the concentrator nozzle popped out often and it seemed very irritating. These are the only concerns faced during its usage, or else the product has fared well.


This product from Babyliss has some of the best features in the form of even airflow, long cord, excellent heat and cold settings etc. It comprises a perfect hair dryer for both personal and commercial usage.

Babyliss is known to bring the best designs forth and they have done so yet again. Your investment in this product is going to be worth every single penny you invest in the product, it is bound to last long and strong.

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