Review: Remington Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer AC2015 Salon Collection

Review: Remington Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer AC2015 Salon Collection

Who doesn’t like a smooth salon like finish to their hair? We all do, but in order to get the desired outcome, you have to use the right set of tools.

In this case, you do not need multiple tools; everything is easily achievable via this hair dryer from Remington.

This is a common brand in the market associated with hair styling tools and with the reputation it holds, certainly, everything from under their branch is meant to serve you well.

This ceramic pearl technology backed hair dryer works like a pro and delivers outstanding results. It has multiple heat settings and just about the right amount of watts to help get the desired result.

Along with the hair dryer, you also get the concentrator and diffuser that allows catering to different kinds of users with their different hair related needs.

Quick at the Job

Pearl Ceramic TechnologyWhen you invest in a hair dryer, you hope for it to do the magic in no time. Certainly, it requires a top quality product to help you get good results, and Remington is one brand that is amongst the top on the list.

This product in particular is very quick, has enough power to help you be done with your drying and styling needs in no time.

Some dryers lack the power aspect, hence it takes forever for basic drying let alone be styling. Therefore, keeping in mind such general concerns, you can rule out everything when you buy this product.

Caters to Different Hair Textures

Caters to Different Hair TexturesThis hair dryer comes with a diffuser, which is often used, on curly hair to keep them manageable.

As much as people love to have curls running down, managing such hair type is no joke.

So, owning a diffuser along with a hair dryer only makes your life easier especially on days when your life is on the fast track and you have no time for anything, having a good hair day is only going to make you happy and confident.


Another vital aspect of this hair dryer that is worth mentioning is that it is priced quite reasonably.

For all those who work on a budget, they need not worry about spending too much as this product comes at a decent price. Compared to the other contemporaries, this one definitely seems like the better option in both features and pricing.

Minor Issues

A common form of issue is the absence of dual voltage. As you notice, this product is a salon like product, with its motor being of a similar kind, hence, losing out on dual voltage can be a bit of a disappointment. Secondly, it is a bit heavier, and it could cause a bit of inconvenience to some people.


This product is suitable for both home based or commercial purpose. The overall features including the design are very good and have been well accepted by the users. Surely, the weight and lack of dual voltage are a bit of a concern but besides that, nothing should stop you from buying this hair dryer.

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