Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Such long and lustrous hair! It is a dream that most women have and it is not hard to achieve. You are suffering from hair growth problems, envious of the long and shiny locks of your favorite movie star or wanting to get out of a disastrous haircut, we have some best solutions for all these hair issues!

1. Use the hair mask

Use the hair mask

To help your hair grow, your hair must be in a good condition, so your hair will be strong enough to fight again any damage. In natural, there are such many kinds of hair masks that have components motivating the growth of hair like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, etc. They seem like nutrient food for hair that makes your hair always stay strong.

2. Eat a healthy diet

It is clear that protein, vital vitamins and minerals play an important role in growing hair healthily. The good foods, hence, you should choose first must be high in vitamin A, B, C, and E, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium. One of them, an extremely important factor for making your hair grow faster is vitamin B-complex.

3. Drink More Water

Our hair consists of 95 % protein and 5 % water. Therefore it is important that you should drink about 12 glasses of water daily, to help your grow hair faster and keep it nourished and healthy.

4. Use supplements for hair growth

Use supplements for hair growth

Hair growing fast or slowly depends on not only the life cycle also affected by nutrition. If the source of hair raising is poor, it is really hard for hair to quickly grow. Then, your hair will fall on stage a break and fall out.

Consequently, just by a rich diet that the body can synthesize the essential nutrients is the most ideal. Otherwise, you should take hair growth pills including complexes vitamin that provide adequate nutrition for hair to stimulate hair growth faster.

5. Regular exercises

Regular exercises not only help our body be healthy but also encourage hair growth. 20 minutes of doing exercises such as cycling, yoga, walking, jogging, dancing … can improve blood circulation and help the nutrients to penetrate into our scalp.

6. Massage your scalp

Massage your scalp

While applying your shampoo, conditioner, or oil for the aforementioned deep-conditioning treatment, that is massage your scalp. Massaging will increase blood flow to your scalp, which will help your follicles get some nutrients they need for proper and healthy hair growth.

7. Hair Treatment with Vitamin E and essential oils

You can take the inside of a vitamin E (Enat 400U) tablet, then put into a small bowl and add some kinds of essential oil like rosemary oil, ginger oil, peppermint oil and a few olive oils. Mix all of them well and apply this mixture on your scalp for overnight incubation.

The next morning, your hair must be washed with shampoo and dry it by air or gentle cool blow from hair dryers. If you apply this treatment once or twice a week, your hair will not be thin anymore and grow faster.

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